Ham radio is just one of my hobbies; I have a genuine interest in various forms of communication. As you can see from my station on the Amateur radio page, I have the capability to receive signals ranging from 30.000kHz to 1.7Ghz, which allows me to explore a wide range of frequencies and discover new signals to listen to.

Apart from ham radio, I also enjoy climbing towers to assist fellow hams with their work. Photography, especially astrophotography, is another passion of mine. I find great joy in capturing the beauty of celestial objects. Weather observation and photography are among my favorite activities as well. I'm fascinated by different weather phenomena and love documenting them through photographs.

Additionally, I engage in tracking and occasionally recovering BalloonSat payloads. These payloads carry experiments, sometimes reaching the edge of space, and are created by the students from the University of Alabama Huntsville. It's an exciting endeavor that allows me to contribute to their projects.

On select Saturdays around 18:00 UTC, I have the opportunity to receive Ozonesonde data from a weather balloon for NOAA in Huntsville, Alabama. Occasionally, we even participate in the recovery of these payloads and receive a small reward for our efforts.

For more information on all these interests and activities, feel free to click on the links above.


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