Ham radio is not my only hobby, I'm interested in anything to do anything communication. As you can tell from my station on the Amateur radio page, I have the ability to receive really anything between 30.000kHz to 1.7Ghz., so I'm always searching for new signals to listen to. I also climb towers to do work for fellow hams. I'm a amateur photographer and into astrophotography. Weather is one of my favorite things to watch & photograph. I track and sometimes recover BalloonSat's which carry experiments, sometimes to the edge of space, for the students from the University of Alabama Huntsville. Also every other Saturday around 18:00UTC, I receive Ozonesonde data from a weather balloon for NOAA in Huntsville, Alabama. We sometimes go and recover these payloads and send them back for a small reward. More info on all this can be found by clicking on the links above.

* As of June 2018 they have recived some funding and are now launching ever other Saturday. 


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