Solar Powered Digipeater Project



This project is for a APRS dead spot in Northeast Alabama. It's going on top of a 170ft tower. I am building this out of spare parts laying around the shack and some help from a friend. My parts list is as follows:

TinyTrak4 TNC

Control/Power Cable for TNC

Wouxun HT @ 5w

External Power Supply for the HT

Omni Directional 6.5dB 2m (Tunned) Antenna

Renogy 50 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Panel

 Renogy 30A PWM Solar Controller

12v 28Ah Battery





The tower is an old AT&T relay tower located in Douglas, Alabama.



 360° View

 *right click, view image to view full size
Standby power draw is .12amp
TX power draw is 1.50amp @ 5w
About 20w ERP



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