Every Saturday at 1:00pm central, 18:00UTC, the National Weather Service launches a weather balloon from the UAH SWIRLL building in Huntsville, Alabama. This balloons payload study's the ozone from the ground all the way up to around 100,000ft +, depends on what size of the balloon they are using. It transmits that data on a UHF frequency where it is recorded and decoded for further study by NOAA. It's payload also has a GPS beacon. This is what we use to track and locate the payload, returning it for a small reward. I can tell you that many are never found or unreachable for whatever reason. They have also landed just about anywhere you can think of  which makes for sometimes interesting recovery's! You can create an account on the home page and be able to track the balloons live under this tab, accounts are free and your info will not be given out.

* As of March 2018 flights have been rescheduled to 1 per month due to funding cuts.

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